Prairie Pantry Products

Prairie Pantry's offerings range from NeedACookies and Gourmet Granola, to Sweet Maple Pecan Butter and Gourmet Apple Butter, to Wildflower Honey and pure beeswax candles.



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Maple Pecan


Maple Valley Co-op organic syrup contributes in a big way to the heavenly flavor of our first NeedACookie - Maple Pecan flavor. Maple Valley Co-op currently sources their syrup from U.S. producers, and ensures the farmers receive a fair price for all their hard work. By enjoying Prairie Pantry products, you too are supporting the farmers! Here you can link to the Maple Valley Syrup co-op web page to learn more.

Maple Pecan NeedACookies also use raw, local Spokane Wildflower honey (the reason this flavor is not vegan). Some of the honey is from our own bees on Five Mile Prairie; and we also use honey gathered from other local beekeepers' bees.


Coconut Pecan (Vegan)

Created originally for the 2015 Vegfest in Spokane, the Coconut Pecan NeedACookie is sweetened with agave. It is made with coconut and organic cacao nibs, nature's chocolate chips.

Triple Ginger (Vegan)

The incredible Triple Ginger NeedACookie debuted in 2016. 

In addition to being free of gluten, soy, dairy, and eggs,

it is also free of all nuts. Unlike other gluten-free cookies

that use a blend of less nutritious, gluten-free flours;

the Triple Ginger NeedACookie is made from healthy, 

whole, ground sunflower seeds - no flour at all!   

If you like ginger, it's decadence with a purpose - incorporating molasses, maple syrup, crystallized ginger and dates to make a cookie like nothing you've ever tasted.

Two New Cookies for 2017 - Lemonade and Orange (Vegan)

Inspired by Maple Valley Co-op's maple-sweetened lemonade,

the two newest NeedACookies use ground sunflower seeds as

their nutrition-packed "flour". They are the holy grail of

cookies: richly flavored, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and free from all

major food allergens. Each cookie contains 5 grams of

naturally occurring protein, 4 grams of fiber, and just 9 grams

of sugar (all from the maple syrup). They're naturally colored

with turmeric and beet root powder; and naturally flavored by

heavenly lemon oil and orange oil.

Gourmet Granola


Fresh and crispy maple-coated pecans, oats, sesame seeds, 

and toasted coconut chips are blended with natural fun



Choose your favorites: Cherry, Banana, Cocoa,

Coconut, or Ginger.

Prairie Pantry granolas are made from only the best ingredients: certified gluten-free oats, *Maple Valley Co-op syrup, pecans, grapeseed oil, *unsweetened coconut chips, Spokane wildflower honey, *sesame seeds, *flavor extracts, natural colors (cherry and banana), *cacao nibs (cocoa), *crystallized ginger (ginger) and sea salt. (*organic)

Sweet Maple Pecan Butter

Prairie Pantry pecan butter is unique -

typically not found in stores. While some

nut butters are simply finely ground raw

nuts, and some are toasted before

grinding, to bring out their flavor;

Prairie Pantry pecan butter undergoes

additional steps in its journey to the jar.

First the pecans are soaked overnight;

and then they’re dehydrated all day.

Only then can they be toasted, turned

into butter, blended with maple syrup

and perhaps cacao nibs, and bottled up.

Soaking and dehydrating is a time-consuming process that is probably impractical for large-scale producers, but is doable on a small to medium scale.

Soaking and dehydrating is believed to reduce phytic acid, which improves digestibility and consequently improves our ability to absorb the nuts’ nutrients. There are several web sites that discuss this subject and explain better than I could hope to. One is by the Weston Price Foundation. Another is Chris Kresser's web page.  

Even without the benefit of improved digestibility, soaking the nuts mellows the flavor and removes bitterness that can be tasted in raw nuts or those that are simply toasted.

Indulge in a spoonful for a treat. Or enjoy it with fruit and crackers. Prairie Pantry pecan butter is all natural, with no sugar and no stabilizers to inhibit oil separation. Even so, it is remarkably spreadable.

Apple Butter

Yes, it is possible to make apple

butter without corn syrup or even

cane sugar! Let the natural sweetness

of the apples shine through. This

classic-flavored apple butter is smooth

and spicy. We start by making

applesauce from our organically

homegrown apples; then leave it to

simmer all day and night, to caramelize

the apples and bring out their natural sweetness.

Honey and Beeswax

All beekeepers are partial to their bees;

but ours really are special! They enjoy a

nectar diet based on the wide

variety of fruits, vegetables,

perennials, and annual flowers we have

planted at Prairie Pantry. The honey is

always light and floral in flavor. It has a

real following around Five Mile Prairie

now, and is in limited supply; so we only

sell it locally.

For every 100 pounds of honey, the bees make one

pound of fragrant, cosmetic-grade cappings wax.

Votive candles made from pure beeswax clean the

air, and burn for 15 hours!

Fruits and Vegetables

Prettiest of all, are pictures from the garden.


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